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Comprehensive Reimbursement Services

  • Complete billing services, and claims management.
  • Quick and efficient claims submission via a billing cycle that is continuously updated.
  • Electronic or hard copy claims submission in the form required by third-party payors.
  • A proven track record of success in receiving payment from self-pay patients.
  • Payments handled through a local lock-box serviced by the bank of your choice. Payments posted from bank copies to ensure fast and efficient access to deposits.
  • Coordination of efforts with the collection agency of your choice.
  • Credentialing experts.

Revenue Enhancement Services

  • Third-party payor contracting that maximizes reimbursement.
  • Third-party payor relations. Maximizing revenue and help with contract negotiations with accounts receivable.
  • On going review of your fee schedule to optimize fair competitive fees.
  • Compliance-focused policies and procedures established in accordance with government billing regulations and requirements.
  • Periodic meetings with your physician group to review chart documentation on an individual and group basis.

Quality Data Capture and Reporting

  • An accounts receivable report generated at month end balanced to cash receipts from your bank.
  • Reporting on a monthly basis all procedures performed by group and physician, and the revenues associated with each.
  • Chart-by-chart response to reimbursement documentation requests or third-party patient audits.
  • Immediate internal review by our coding and billing managers regarding any patient billing complaints.
  • Prompt delivery of complaints regarding medical care or treatments to you or your designee for appropriate follow-up.
  • Working with clients to improve policies and procedures to maximize efficiency in the billing process.

Coding and Compliance Audits and RFP Analysis

Mandates by the federal government require medical professionals to have a functional compliance plan, one that reflects an organization's commitment to accurate, high-quality billing services. Prestige Billing Services will:

  • Perform external chart audits for billing agencies to assess ICD-9 and CPT coding accuracy, and summarize the findings in an easy-to-read report.
  • Compare coding benchmarks with national standards to assess performance.
  • Create a physician education and feedback process to optimize documentation.
  • Provide RFP analysis from statistically significant chart samples for groups looking to expand their services to new business opportunities, identifying potential pitfalls in patient demographics and documentation processes.


We can help create a billing compliance program which will:
... meet all HIPAA rules.
... ensure coding compliance and accuracy.
... advise on regulations and compliance issues.
... manage data in compliance with all regulators.

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